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Our work process

The following outlines our web-development process, which can be split into several sensible elements:

  • 01 Technical analysis
  • 02 Planning and Idea
  • 03 Design and Copywriting
  • 04 Front-& Back-End Coding
  • 05 Testing and Launch

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develops sophisticated web and mobile products. We believe in data driven design, analytics and usability.

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Insight of your business and project scope

We understand the specific cause and effect of your project.We listen to understand what you want to build, what featuresyour product should have, and what purpose it will serve.

Requirements gathering Arrange a call with our business analyst so you can describe the product features.

Research We dig into the market and your business model to identify the current and most suitable tech solutions.

Approximate estimation Our business analyst offers an approximate estimate of the time and money needed to get your project off the ground.

Analysis, Brainstorming and Strategy planning

We examine with detail the elements and structure of your company and we list all features of project, prioritized, and displayed on a timeline. In addition, this is when we define the architecture and technology stack.

Brainstorming We accurately assess your ideas and risks, prioritize features, and get expert feedback.

Roadmap A roadmap gives you a clear vision of the development process so you can understand current and future steps.

Tech stack & architecture We define the best technologies and architecture for the project to avoid refactoring in the future.

Design and Development

Design Through user research and tests, we define how the final product will function and look like so users get value effortlessly and enjoy using it.

Development Now our engineers build your software using the defined technologies and architecture in accordance with the user experience and user interface designs.


To keep your users from seeing bugs, our QA specialists perform automated and manual testing to assure the quality of the code and the user experience.

Test automation Automate code testing for higher deployment capacity and lower regression risk.

Manual QA. Product checks by hand ensure everything works as planned and users get the best experience.

Security checkMake sure your product doesn’t have any backdoors, vulnerabilities, or data breaches.

Support and Maintenance

We take your product live and are glad to support its growth. Moreover, we set up continuous integration and delivery to increase deployment capacity.

Continuous improvementWe conduct user interviews and surveys to identify new opportunities and adjust the business trajectory. We actively improve your business experience.


Result driven Technology Agency

We take pride in helping our clients deliver marvelous results when it comes to their projects. From data to performance, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our team can discuss and bring out solutions that address your concerns. We understand your requirements.
  • We are the people with the right attitude to achieve high standards. We are striving to be excellent in a landscape of change.
  • Our methodologies adapt to your changing needs for that competitive edge.
  • We achieve proficiency through continuous learning of better ways to do things and implementing improvements.
  • We do a system analysis to determine the timelines and budget.
  • A demo will be provided for every major functionality implemented.
  • Changes in business requirements are also accommodated
  • An intimation of the project progress is provided on a weekly basis
  • Timely audit on areas that require improvement and enhancement
  • Re-engineering and customization to resolve functionalities and improve user experience.
  • Support in introducing innovative aspects into the product that adds value to the purpose of its creation
  • We work with you to improve and compete in market for your project.

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