Services for Startup

Need Proof of concept (POC) or Minimal viable product (MVP) or full Product development we take 100% responsibility for your technical product. We built end-to-end software products and we are confident that our team can handle all the technical aspects of your product.

Early Stage Tech Team Support

We work with you closely to take your ideas through prototyping and MVP development so that you can get initial feedback from your customers, test your ideas, and launch a full-scale product later based on this valuable feedback.

Launch or Scale your Startup

We offer a wide range of services for product development as well as maintenance to Launch, scale and support your product at any stage of development.

How we work

Free confidential consultation

We start with an initial discussion. We meet in person at your office or simply call via phone or Skype. We get to know each other and discuss your product. We are good listeners and we have tranquil and experience in building successful MVPs.

Strategy and product planning.

We work together to get maximum clarity on your product business use cases and your business model. This allows us to define a product user interface, write lightweight specifications for your features and agree together on a final requirement.


The team builds in fast iterations at the end of each iteration, we present a working product demo as proof for features delivered and progress on the product release roadmap.


Once the development is finished, we rollout production environment for your application. At the end of the product launch phase, The product is ready for use by real paying customers.


After launch we work as your inhouse team to accelerate your product run in market and our quick support helps you to achieve early targets.

Tell us about your idea, and we’ll make it happen.

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